We 21 Century is a team of qualified Doctors, Software Engineers, Scientists, and experienced Agronomists working to make our planet a greener and healthier place on which we live. We are committed to remove the “Hidden Hunger” from the world and started a Mission “Save the Mother Earth”. The need of time is to convert the Green Revolution into an “Evergreen Revolution” by mainstreaming the principle of ecology in technology development. This mission is to participate all Indians to make India leader in agriculture in agriculture, empower rural communities, promote healthy life style for rural as well as urban other & at the same time, create financial opportunities for our members and associates through exceptional services, best available science and management. It will bring together progressive farmers, scientists, administrators and entrepreneurs on a common platform as a mean for farmers to share ideas, exchange perspectives and learn from each. We’re sharing some glimpses of the successful moments of this mission through activities, events, achievements the pathway that we moved on from the very beginning to till now in reverse chronological order.